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Marabel Farms is an excellent source of Cocoa Ingredients used in food products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Cocoa ingredients processed by Marabel Farms are certified Organic and Kosher.

Cocoa Driving the Organic Market

Chocolate and cocoa will pop up more frequently as a key ingredient in main courses. Sweet and savory chocolate duos, like chocolate and bacon, and even chocolate and cheese combos will be popular in stores and on menus. Chocolate will provide the most surprising flavor combination. Chocolate will drive the organic market. Based on NCA’s Industry Trends Report 2009.

Offered Cocoa Ingredients

Cocoa beans Sanchez
Cocoa beans Hispaniola (fermented) variety fermentations available
Cocoa powder
Cocoa butter
Cocoa liquor
Cocoa nibs
If there is a cocoa ingredient you’d like to purchase and you don’t see it on our product list, please call us to request it.


Marabel Farms caters companies worldwide with raw ingredients to be used in food products, nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We can help you with your Private Labeling Needs.Click Here to learn more how we can help you to develop your next product or make your current ones healthier.